Friday, May 4, 2012

Pole Walking and Good Health!

Nordic (pole) walking is a great way to increase the benefits from a walking program. Pole walking increases cardio workout by about 20%, and calorie burn by 22-45% depending on the individual. It also decreases the stress on the lower extremities and low back by about 25%. In regular walking a person uses about 40% of their muscles but with pole walking they use 90% and it strengthens the arms and core and improves posture. 30 minutes of pole walking is equivalent to 50 minutes of regular walking. It is a great form of exercise for those who can no longer jog due to old knee injuries. If done regularly it can help with weight loss. One lady who took it up dropped 190 lbs. in 3 yrs. When done properly the wrist resting in the pole strap is slightly higher than the elbow with the arm at the side and then the poles are angled slightly back and you push when you walk (the tip of the pole is not placed out in front of your feet, but slightly behind). You plant the pole as you step with the opposite foot-so R. pole with L. foot and L. pole with R. foot. After practicing it for a while it becomes a rhythmic motion which propels you forward. I would highly recommend it for anyone who likes to walk but would like to "kick it up a notch".

— Jerry Fessler

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  1. I have been pole walking for several months now and have already seen some good benefits. Thanks for sharing!


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